Walked to the shopping mall that turned out to be the usual high end shops found in malls around the world. Everything priced in $U S and more expensive than in Canada, I thought I might buy a floppy hat as my solar umbrella from Taiwan days is on its way out. But not for $30.00! A nice Italian restaurant on the way to the mall had the best tiramisui ever! 

Lovely to see the hibiscus and bougainvillea in flower.

Showers when traveling.Am I the only adult on this planet who has to be helped getting a shower to work? My optician tells me I have 20 20 vision with my glasses ON, but not that I am probably legally blind without my specs.
Through experience, I know to check out the shower before taking off my glasses, but have not yet learned to do this before taking off my clothes. Luckily, Michael is usually around and he can always figure it out, twist and pull out, or push in and twist, or a hundred other combinations. 

Last night, because of my swim in the sea, l had sand everywhere. I was raised by the sea, but we never had showers on the beach. In all my years of traveling the globe, I have never got into the habit of showering at the beach. From now on…..
So this is our shower! 


April 4 Easter Saturday.Easter Saturday

What a day! Cold and wet!
I am coughing a lot so need to get some medicine.
This morning it looked overcast and threatening rain, but we walked up to the castle. Quite a climb and some nice views of the terraces. But at the top, the castle was closed and marked, private property, even though it has a UNESCO sign on it.


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